We’ve all been there….

We’ve all spilled BBQ sauce on our white shirts.

We’ve all ran through a red light we know we should have stopped at.

We’ve all walked into a room and have no idea what we came in there for.

We’ve all fell in public, all sprawled out on the floor hoping to hold on to one shred of dignity. Here’s to hoping your fall was at least near a wet floor sign so you have a legit excuse.

We’ve all laughed so hard we snorted and that, in turn, made us laugh even harder.

We’ve all had very good intentions of being productive for the day, and stayed all day in the bed.

We’ve all tripped or our feet slipped and, although we may have not fallen all the way to the floor, we did however pull off some sort of karate/dance moves with flailing arms to be able to keep balance. It was the very definition of smooth.

We’ve all made up bogus plans that we just can’t get out of in an effort to avoid some sort of obligation we just didn’t want to go to.

We’ve all called in sick when we really just wanted a day to play, but we made sure to use our low scruffy voice to make sure we sounded convincing.

We’ve all walked around with a piece of food in our teeth, walking so confidently, but certainly not looking that way.

We’ve all had some sort of wardrobe malfunction at some point; a conspicuous hole that everyone can see but us, ripped seams in delicate places, or my favorite…your skirt tucked in your under ware or your ‘skirt-tail tucked in your britches’, as my Grandma would say.

We’ve all made promises we didn’t keep.

We’ve all looked for our keys, or phone, or glasses and they were conveniently located in our hands.

We’ve all tried to show out or impress someone and failed miserable in doing so.

We’ve all tried that trendy new haircut that wasn’t for us and we learned it’s not so bad to stick to the classic styles.

We’ve all laughed uncontrollably in very inappropriate situations.

We’ve all wanted to pull the words we just said back in our mouths at the very moment we said them.

We’ve all had our head at work while our bodies were at home, and our minds at home when our bodies were at work.

We’ve all half heartedly set goals that we didn’t really strive to achieve.

We’ve all said something ridiculous, like asking the lady just how far along she is, and as it turns out, she wasn’t even pregnant.

We’ve all  made terrible fashion statements that we thought were on point at the time, turns out we were wrong…..so, so very wrong.

We’ve all thrown our dirty clothes on the floor and left them there for days.

We’ve all promised ourselves we are going to eat healthier and are digging into our favorite chocolate cake before the sun sets.

We’ve all been lazy.

We’ve all tried on two different shoes with our outfit to see which ones looks better and forget to follow through with that decision and end up sporting two different shoes to work. Ok, maybe that one is just me.

We’ve all cooked a meal that wasn’t eatable.

We’ve all lost things.

We’ve all forgot the load of laundry in the washer and had to rewash it to get the mildew smell out.

We’ve all forgot an appointment or a meeting or to call someone back.

We’ve all tried something new that didn’t work.

We’ve all went against our mother’s advice, when we knew all along she was right.

We’ve all lied…to someone….at some point….about something.

We’ve all talked dyslexic at times and called the “tea pitcher” the “pea ticher” or (my favorite) the “squirrel feeder” the “ferrel squeeder”….Ok, again, maybe this one is just me.

Point is we are idiots from time to time. Glorious, failing idiots.

We are human, therefore, we are not perfect. But somewhere in the midst of making mistakes, accomplishing epic fails, and being a screw up…we sometimes get it right. We love, we share, we give to those in need, we lend a helping hand, we show compassion, we open our hearts, we hug, we smile, we care for a child, we give a listening ear, we buy lunch for a friend, we meet the deadline, we burn a few hundred calories, we work hard, we encourage, we strive, we dream, we achieve, we stretch ourselves, we motivate someone, we make someone believe in themselves, we help out a good cause, we get somewhere on time, we laugh and giggle and snort, we provide, we protect, we keep going, we don’t give up, we pray, we take help when we need it, we show grace, we give to a stranger, we are friendly and considerate, we give a compliment, we tell someone how much they mean to us, we have a shoulder to cry on, we learn, we grow, we change for the better, we hold one to courage instead of fear, we put forth effort, we keep our word, we take that chance, we take the advise, we believe, we hope, we strive, and we hope against hope we will end up where we want or should to be.

We are more than our mistakes. Scripture says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We not only are here to check off a to-do list, but we have a purpose to fulfill, lives in impact, and dreams to chase in spite of our imperfections.  Know that you are not alone in your mistakes, it is what makes you human. It’s a pretty cool club to be in, there are only about seven billion of us.

We’ve all been there and I have no doubts that we will all strive to fulfill our purpose.