I’ll admit, my “favorite” scripture changes as often as the weather, but this is one I refer to often. “Your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men. Proverbs 18:16”

I am one of those people that listen to teachings and motivational speeches from people from all walks of life, and music that inspires me and even makes me want to do a little jig. I like listening to stories of how people have over come adversity, the rags to riches stories, and those of the underdog who won against all odds. I admire people who can tell their stories and teach others in the process. Not stories of some made up hero, but ones of real  people that were facing real problems in real life, and they came out a conqueror.  I’m addicted to motivation. I believe it keeps me focused on growth and not setbacks. Keeps me pushing ahead and not looking back. One of my all time favorite motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar, when posed with the statement “motivation does not last”, his simply replied “neither does bathing that is why it is recommended daily”.

For years I listened to such stories with the perspective of “I should be better/more”, or “for me to be better, I must change/be different than I am now” or “if I want to be like these people, I must do things differently”. Now, I agree that if you want different results in your life, you must do things differently, but I was going at it from the perspective of what I am now is not right, not enough, or I don’t have what it takes.

Then scriptures like “YOUR gift will MAKE ROOM for you” seemed to just jump off the page and I began to see growth (whether it be mental, spiritual, physical,or emotional) in a different light. Goes along with the scripture the says “He goes before you and prepares the way”. Just gives you a sense that the work has been done for me and maybe I just need to start down the path. I began seeing growth, not as something to strive for or a struggle to obtain, but as something that had been shelved for a long time in the corner collecting dust. That maybe I had always had a talent, but had never put it to use. Maybe there were dreams I had always had, but I had never pursued them. Maybe I had always had “gifts” but never gave them a chance to make room for me. For some time now, my perspective on self development has shifted and it has made such a dramatic difference in my life. Instead of striving, working, and trying to obtain to be something so different I have embraced who I am and develop the God-given gifts in me….as cliché as that may sound. But the difference between trying to be something you are not, and growing/developing who you already are is astounding, at lest to me.

Another scripture tells us to “stir up the GIFTS WITHIN YOU”. The very fact the scripture tells us to “stir up” our gifts let me know that they can lie dormant. Like a fire that only has embers…it still has heat, but stir it up and it can become a raging flame! Don’t let you talents be shelved. Don’t let your dreams go unpursued. Don’t hinder your gifts from making room for you. Let God do His part of “going before you and preparing the way”, and you just trust in His path and begin taking steps down it.

When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny.

Rachel Ray