In this day and age, we are taught as women to be independent, to take on the super woman role that we can do anything, and there is nothing we can’t accomplish. I do not agree with this, but hear me out……

I L-O-V-E, love being independent or at least some sense of being so. I love working and providing for myself and my children. I love being able to be some-what handy and fixing a few things that goes wrong in my own house, or at least knowing who to call to fix if need be. I love being able to make my own decisions about things and not being too lazy to educate myself in different areas if necessary. I love the fact I don’t need someone to come and rescue me, and I know I can fend for myself in most areas. I love feeling independent and that I can do it all myself, but before I start shouting “I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR” let me tell you what I can’t do….

I can’t be a listening ear for myself. I NEED my best friends for that. The real best friends that will not only listen, but know just when to tell you to SUCK IT UP and move on. The ones that support you and any decision you make, but don’t mind putting in their opinion, because well…..they do know you pretty well. The ones that are the first to brag about all the things you are good at, but don’t mind to give a helping hand in the areas you are not talented in.

I can’t love myself. I need a partner for that. I can have self esteem, and maybe even treat myself to things now and then, but I can’t give true, real love to myself. This is something all humans need, I am no exception to this rule. I am blessed to have someone that loves me, puts me first, is thoughtful of me, and doesn’t let a day go by that he doesn’t make sure I know I am loved. I need him in my life.

I can’t support myself. I need others for that. The ones that act as cheerleader when you attempt something new, and are there when things don’t go exactly as planned.  I cannot begin to explain how this whole group of people have supported and encouraged me along my life’s journey.  From my parents, my brothers, my church, my work family, friends, etc, etc, etc. In short I am blessed and everywhere I turn, I have support. God sure has placed me in the path of so many great people.

I can’t save myself. I need a Savoir for that. I needed a God that had compassion on me, saw me in a much less-than-perfect state, and decided to intervene. I needed a God to provide me with the real deal unconditional love that I could never find in the best of humans. I needed His grace, His mercy, His strength, His guidance, His provision, His words, and so on and so on. The song lyric sticks in my head that says this: “where would I be if not for His grace”. It’s something I shutter to think about. Not a day has passed that I have not needed Him….EVER.

I can’t do a lot of the necessary things I need in my life.

I think it is great to be/do/conquer anything you like, but it will never be independent of the relationships in our lives. Truth is, none of us get to where we are without the help, support, and love of others. We are not meant to live this life alone, completely independent of one another. We are meant to have meaningful, fulfilled relationships that both give and take.

No one can conquer the world, or even their dreams alone. We all need a hand reaching down to us from time to time, and we should be the type person that can give a helping hand when we see the opportunity to do so. Another song lyric comes to mind, this one from my childhood, Sunday School days; “When we all pull together, together, together….when we all pull together, how happy we’ll be”.

Even though it is a stab right to the heart of my pride, I can admit I am dependently independent. I can pull my own weight, am capable of plenty of things, proud of my accomplishments, and will continue to set and meet my goals,  but I sure am glad I don’t have to do it alone.