Most are familiar with the age old story of David and Goliath. The small, humble David that faced the well trained, well experienced, giant in battle and was the victor. David fought without armor and a sling and rock was his weapon of choice. Goliath had full armor and carried a sword that was as big as David.

I am not sure what kept David so calm and collected, what would give him the idea to fight a giant in the first place, and what kind of confidence he must have had.

This is what I know about David….and the God we serve. This was not David’s first fight. He had killed a lion and a bear with his own hands while he was protecting and tending to the herds of sheep. God had prepared him for the battle. David may not have had some long resume filled with battles he had won or shiny trophies to show off, but he did have a God that had trained him even if it was in a field far away from any spectators. God hasn’t changed a bit, he still conditions us, speaks to us, equips us, molds and shape us, makes us deal with things in our hearts, and allows us grow in PRIVATE.  A daily watering of His Word, little by little, the stronger we grow.

David did not hold confidence in his own abilities. He remembered how God was with him though the previous fights. How God had allowed a boldness, a confidence to well up on inside of him that he couldn’t muster up himself if he tried. It was a confidence that only comes from God. The kind of confidence that makes you forget how small you are, how big your opponent is,  makes you not look at the odds of winning or loosing, and makes you single focused at the battle ahead. The kind of confidence that makes you think that even though you are a small skinny boy with a rock, that you can fight a giant trained for battle, in full armor, with a massive sword and track record that was impressive, to say the least. CRAZY CONFIDENCE!

No matter what Goliath you are facing today, know that God has your back. Scripture tells us “He goes before us and prepares the way” and “He will never leave us or forsake us”. Know that you do not have to have confidence ONLY in what you can do and your abilities, but you have a God that will well up on the inside of you and cause you to conquer. The battles are not always easy, and we make take some hard hits, but God has given us the promise to “work ALL things to OUR good”. Good can come out of any situation.

Go take your rock even if it is with a shaking hand, let God do His thing,  defeat your giant, do a victory dance that would rival the best of running backs that just scored the game winning touch down, and know that WITH GOD all things really are possible.