This week has seemed to bring nothing but bad news, sad news, and downright scary news. Woke up Monday to hear about the Las Vegas shootings. I had a client whose father passed away. Another client lost his job. I have some family members that are facing some hard times and having to make some tough decisions. I saw a young boy with the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen in the store the other day who had lost his hair and was wearing a face mask due to what I can only guess is cancer. Just all seems so unfair.

Doesn’t sound like an intro to a great motivational speech, does it?

Although my heart gets heavy with concern during times like this, it also puts my life in perspective. Maybe it makes me less ungrateful and maybe I realize just how thankful I should be. I get busy in the rat race of life just like everyone else. I get focused on my goals and how I am going to accomplish them. I get busy being a mom…making sure home work is done, making sure everyone gets to where they are going, making sure they are happy and healthy, making sure I have food to pack for lunches…the mom list never ends. I get busy with my schedule and the to-do list. I get busy checking on everyone in my circle and making sure life is good with them. I get busy dealing with random adult things such as shopping for better rates on insurance and keeping up maintenance on my house and car. In short, I get busy and don’t always stop long enough to be thankful. So that is what I have decided to do today….just be thankful.

Let me always be thankful that when I lay my head down at night I have a comfortable bed and pillow. Not everyone has that.

Let me always be thankful for every night all the members of my family are safe and under one roof. Not everyone can say the same.

Let me always be thankful for the chore of packing lunches for my kids everyday. Not everyone’s pantry is full of food.

Let me always be thankful for family dinners at the table where I get to hear about everyone’s day. Not everyone has family to love and to be loved by.

Let me always be thankful for laughter and precious memories with friends. Not everyone has close knit circle of crazies like me.

Let me always be thankful for a job that is hectic and demanding to say the least. Not everyone is able to provide for themselves and their families.

Let me always be thankful that I have someone to love me, just for me. Not everyone has that support, love, and caring that I have been fortunate enough to find.

Let me always be thankful that I have a deep rooted love for God and His word, and I know His unconditional love in my life.   Not everyone has met my wonderful Savior and knows Him to be a friend.

Let me always be thankful for phone that seems to continually ring. Not everyone feels needed.

Let me always be thankful for struggle to find what I want to wear for the day. Not everyone has a choice of clothing options.

Let me always be thankful that bulky coat that isn’t real cute and is missing a button. Not everyone has what they need to stay warm.

Let me always be thankful for the chore of cleaning out the fridge of things that have gone bad. Not everyone has ate all three meals today, maybe not even one.

We all, at some points in our lives, face some really hard times. Some days it’s all you can do to keep your head above water. But even in times like that and in the middle of a day that doesn’t seem to have an ending…there are things to be thankful for. I choose to be thankful today and hopefully all the days to come for every little blessing.

One of the greatest quotes I have learned from my Dad is this: If you have more than others, it doesn’t make you better, it makes you a debtor. Meaning if you have more, you should do what you can to help others and lend a hand where you can.

My Prayer:

Let me forever be thankful for everything in my life. Let my eyes be quick to see the needs around me. Let me not be so caught up in the daily routines, that I cannot see the places where I can be a help or the people I can encourage. Let my heart be thankful for what I have and let me be willing to share what I have with others.

Make today a thankful day….