A sinner. Lost. Tossed in the sea of life and waves are trying to overtake you. Relentless waves continually crashing on your head. Gasping for air and Only getting a breath every other wave. Struggling to survive. Desperately searching for something solid to stand on, something to cling to, something to rescue you. Arms and legs flailing attempting to keep your head above water.  The storms of life have taken their toll. Feelings of desperation and not being enough have hung on for so long, it leaves you with no hope of that ever changing. All hope seems too far out of reach.

Then enters Jesus. Not as a passerby that decided to reach out a hand and help, but as a force to be reckoned with that has the full capacity to rescue that rushes to your side. Fully equipped, fully able, and never too far away….nothing short of a hero in cape to swoop in and save the day.  He doesn’t look down at you, ask you how you got in this situation, and proceed to judge you for being there, He simply extends Grace as a floatation device in your sea of turmoil. “Grab Hold” He says, “and I’ll pull you to safety”. He gets you on solid ground and covers you with a blanket of His love. It engulfs you, surrounds you, and makes you even question how this strong of love can even exist. He laid His own life down for you, a sinner, He continually came after you regardless of how many times you pushed Him away, there has never been a time you called His name that He wasn’t there. That’s Love….That’s my Jesus.

You get in the life saving boat, take a minute to catch your breath, so happy to just be alive. You look around and take in this Savior that has so miraculously saved you from the depths of a sea you would have never been able to escape from alone. His strength, His care, His willingness to reach for you are all so overwhelming. Being here does a couple different things to you. One, it makes you thankful. How could I ever repay such an act of bravery? How can I ever thank Him enough? How could He love me so much? So. Very. Thankful.  Two, it creates in  you compassion. When you glance over the side of the boat and see others with their heads bobbing just above water, tossed from here to there, lost, desperately searching, it creates a compassion in you to yell out, to scream, to jump up and down with your arms waving in the air in hopes of getting their attention: “there’s a life saving boat near you”, “Grab hold of the life preserver that have the letters G_R_A_C_E printed on it’s side”, and “Let this Savior, let this Hero pull you to safety”, “bet He’ll even wrap you in a blanket”.