Life is hard.

Being a parent is hard.

Holding down and being good at your job is hard.

Trying to even sort of eat right is hard.

Getting enough sleep is hard.

Keeping the pantry stocked at all times is hard.

Maintaining friendships is hard.

Keeping a marriage thriving is hard.

Keeping clean clothes for all the people living under your roof is hard.

Leaning something new is hard.

Getting out of the box of our own comfort zone is hard.

Taking risks is hard.

Becoming a better person is hard.

Getting out of bed is hard.

Exercising is hard.

Being a good person is hard.

I. GET. IT! Doing anything worth while is hard and a struggle, and a thousand times you will have the chance to give up. A thousand times the voice in your head will want you to quit, and a thousand times you will have to tell it no.

The most successful people I know are not geniuses and were not handed everything they have. Successful people work for it. But not only have they worked for it, they  continually take an inventory of what they are doing and how well they are doing it. Is doing this getting me to where I am trying to go? Is there a more effective way to do this? Is this making me better? Am I still progressing/growing? They don’t continue to do the same things repeatedly just because that is what they have always done. The smallest adjustments can have a magnitude of results.

Here’s a truth bomb:

You are strong.

You do have what it takes.

You are up to the tasks at hand.

You are smart and creative.

You can figure it out.

You have a purpose to fulfill that only you can do.

You are talented and can’t be held back by anyone but yourself.

You are responsible for your happiness.

You can choose to have a good day regardless of what happens.

You are able of making decisions to push you further down the road you want to travel on.

You are have the ability to crush your goals.

You can have a happy heart.

You can wear a smile.

Why is it so easy to believe the list at the beginning of this blog to be truth, when the second list is just as rock solid? You, my sweet friend, are capable of so much.

Choose on purpose to be great today. Choose to put your full weight behind whatever your hands find to do. Do it to the best of your ability. Take an inventory of your actions and make adjustments as necessary. Work at becoming better at every little thing in life, even stocking the pantry. You got this…..prove it to yourself. You are worth your own effort.


-Rachel Ray