So, I have this little secret. I admit, I can’t face life alone. I just can’t, it’s too hard. If I had to depend only on my own wits, my own ability, my own knowledge….well, I would fall short more times than not.

Just like I depend on my concealer to cover my dark circles…

Just like I depend on my spanx to keep everything from jiggling…

Just like I depend on my hairstylist to work her magic…

I depend on God for all the real problems in life. Not that dark circles, jiggly bellies, and nappy hair aren’t real problems! But for the deeper, more meaningful things I need His help on a daily basis. Every. Single. Day.

One day I was praying, cause that is what good little Christian girls are supposed to do, and it dawned on me…. I am speaking to the Creator of the Universe, the fountainhead of all wisdom and knowledge, the one who knows all, and knows how to do everything but fail…. and I am the one doing all the talking. That maybe, just maybe, I should spend some a little time listening.

You know…

He’s the only that knows how to parent my specific children, what they need from me exactly.

He’s the only one that can show my how to love my husband and have a successful marriage.

He’s the only one that can put turns in my path that lead me to somewhere I only dreamed of being.

He’s the only one that can fill the deepest desires of my heart.

The longer I have known Him, the more I know I can trust Him. I don’t have to always understand His plan, but I can trust His plan and know all the way down to my toes, that He wants nothing but the very best for me. That He cares enough to steer me away from obstacles that would set me back. He cares enough to steer me in the direction that is in my best interest. I heard a wonderful woman speaking one time, and this line that she said has always stuck with me; “He puts turns in our paths that no man can make”.

So if you see me succeeding at ANYTHING, know that have borrowed power from the source of all power.

If you see me loving my children like I should, just know I am in connection with the one who is love.

If you ever catch me giving to another in any way, just know that I was once with out anything and He gave me all that I have.

If you find me going about my day with a smile on my face and a pep in my step, just know that it is His joy that gives me strength.

If you see me going about doing good like some fictional superhero, just know that my cape is borrowed from my Daddy, and He is the real superhero. He just let’s me play dress up from time to time.


-Rachel Ray