A new puppy who hasn’t heard the term “potty training”, let alone begun to master it.

7 kids of various ages playing, laughing, running around the house, and being our entertainment for the day.

5 people in my kitchen built for 2 all putting the final touches on their dishes. I’m there solely to provide a cleaning service much more than catering service, but my taste testing skills are those on expert levels. Don’t let the name Rachel Ray fool ya….

Wanting everything to be perfect, but happy at the end of the day that everyone was fed and full, and were in a home full of love.

We had Thanksgiving early due to the impossible schedule of families, and step families, and those that live out of town. My family, much like yours I am sure, has a wide variety of personalities, likes and dislikes, and maybe even beliefs…but the one thing we all have in common is there is always love.

One Grandpa has devoted his life to ministry, and has spent his weekends preaching from a pulpit. One Grandpa has spent much of his life playing in a band at the bars on the weekends. Both showed love…

One Grandma has, for the majority of her life, been a stay at home mom. One Grandma has always been a working mother. Both showed love…

My husband and I have chosen to raise our kids in a super small town where literally everyone knows your name. My sister in law and her husband have chosen to raise their kids in a huge city atmosphere. My brother, on the other hand,  lives in a chic, urban, downtown apartment and gets to make plans without even once having to check a single soccer schedule…we are all a little jealous of him. All, however, showed love…

There were those that would proudly wear a red hat that says, “Make America Great Again”, and those that wouldn’t be caught dead donning such apparel. There were those that will be on a church pew come Sunday morning, and those that will be enjoying a camping experience with their children come Sunday morning. All, however, showed love….

So many differences represented in my living room filled with puppy toys and laughter, exited children, and hard to impress teenagers. At the end of the day, do you know what is consistent with all the different choices….love. No one proclaiming their way of life is the only way or the right way. No one pushing their beliefs on another, no one arguing over whose choices are right or whose was wrong. Just jokes, full plates that led to full bellies, football games, big ole’ hugs, and entertainment from my brother and sister in law ….that no doubt would become millionaires if they ever took their show on the road.

I mean, we are not completely perfect. We reserve the right to raise an eye brow at your SEC team of choice, but that’s about it. If you are anything but an Ole Miss fan, we might pass a  little judgement….our “Hotty Toddy” pride runs deep…but the all the rest is all smothered in love much like our biscuits are smothered in gravy.

And….that’s the way it should be.

May you be greatly blessed, may your bellies be full, and may you not only receive love but, give just as much away. AND….while we are at it, may all the calories you consume not show up on your scale!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!