God has never needed a great facility to be able to show Himself as great.

God has never needed crowds of thousands, to be able to touch the heart of one.

God has never needed a mass production of a service to be able to create massive change in our lives.

God just needed ears that hear and eyes that see.

God just needed helping hands and giving hearts.

God just needed a people willing to show His love everywhere they go.

That is all He will ever need.

You can have the grandest of buildings and a program list a mile long, but nothing compares to or is as compelling as His Love.

With total disregard to His own heart, His own feelings, and even inevitable rejection of some, He loves us wholly, and fully, and without fail.

He will always greet you with open arms.

He will always meet you with compassion.

He will always be overjoyed that you came home.

He will always save room for you.

He will always hold your place at His table.

That is what love does.

I wrote this on the Sunday morning of my church’s 20 year anniversary service. My church had humble beginnings yet because of God, has been able to change the lives of so many.

-Rachel Ray