It’s that time of year again, time to strategically set out the goals before us that we intend on crushing. I am a goal setting, striving, kind of girl. When I do not have goals in place….I just kind of coast along and I hate that feeling. I hate not having something to work toward. It feels good to me to set something out in front of me, have to work hard to get to it, and through persistence and discipline, get to cross it off as something completed. DONE. FINITO.

Thus far in my life, my goals have mainly been about family, achieving a certain weight, and my career. Setting that sales goal to what I thought was so out of reach, yet getting there. Setting the goal of the weight I wanted to see on the scale and picking some fad diet that promised to get me there. Setting the goal of spending “X” amount of QUALITY time with my kids, which usually means something more than all of us sitting in the same room not staring at our phones. All good goals, and they are ones I will continue. However, I have something more in mind.

Now, these may not seem like ground shaking goals, but bare with me.

It is my goal to not rush ALL DAY LONG. I find myself more times that not rushing like a mad woman. Maybe I will start with a couple hours and build from there, but my goal is to not get overwhelmed with a schedule, or the schedules of all the people in my household, that I am not enjoying any of the activities I am attending because I am working in panic mode to get us everywhere we have to be. Maybe this will require more planning ahead, maybe this will require my attitude toward it all to change, maybe this will require my children to be a little more prepared for their day….all goals to work toward. So my goal will be not just getting all of the schedule done, but to actually enjoy the journey of getting there.

It will be my goal to not self-shame, or have negative self-talk in any form. This one will be a feat for me. It is like we (especially women) are programmed to have negative self-talk. We are expected to not like our bodies, or our hair, or our look in general. It is so programmed that if someone actually does breaks this mold and likes themselves, their look, their body, their hair….well, it seems weird and definitely out of the norm. Instead of reciting all the things I don’t like, it’s my goal to think about what I do like, and what I do have. I have two legs that can carry me anywhere I want to go, not everyone has that. I have two hands that can accomplish tasks and can hold my babies, not everyone has that. I have eyes that see and ears that hear, not everyone has that. So maybe my thighs carry some cellulite and my belly is pudgier that I would like, I still have so much positive things about myself to dwell on.  So instead of setting a goal to change the number on the scale, I will set the goal to monitor the words in my head.

It will be my goal to give more than I receive. I have always had my hand in some volunteering along the way, but it’s time to bump up that commitment. I have had the pleasure of being connected to some opportunities to volunteer in my community and I feel they are very worthy causes. Instead of just pitching in when I’m needed, I want to set a goal to do something on a regular basis. My heart feels it’s fullest when I am able to give in someway, somehow and make a difference to someone, even if it is the smallest of gestures. Why would I not want to feel like that more often? The only way to be a light in this world is to do what it takes to shine. So instead of setting goals to get things for myself, it will be a goal to do more for others. I have a sneaking suspicion I will feel more fulfilled doing for others than I ever will doing for myself.

In my career, I have set and met many sales goals. I have worked hard and accomplished what I set out to do, and let me tell you that is an amazing feeling. However, I have come to the point in my career that I am able to teach and train others. I know what my career has done for me. It has provided for me financially, built my self esteem, and changed the way I see myself. I actually feel I have something to bring to the table now. It’s time to pay that forward. For the first time ever, I am in a position to begin training and teaching other professionals the ropes. I can’t describe to you the feeling of holding this position and hopefully having an impact on the career of others. It is my goal to lead this amazing team to exponential success.

I have many dreams and desires I would like to see happen in my life, so my goal will be to put plans to those dreams. As you know, a dream/goal without action is just a wish. It’s time to make things happen! If not now, when?

What are your goals for 2020?