I remember playing dress up as a child. I would wonder into my mother’s closet and find the highest high heels and slip them on my little feet.  The heels would be 5 sizes too big, but that didn’t keep me from “practicing my walk”. With a purse in hand, that I only used for carrying my toys from one place to another, I would prance like little girls do. I remember feeling so “big”, so grown. I knew those shoes would fit one day, and well, I couldn’t wait for that day to come.

A few years later, I actually got my first pair of heels and remember feeling so excited to finally be “big” enough for this milestone. The heels had to have a strap around my ankle because, well, that was the only way I could keep them on my feet. No doubt I looked like a newborn baby giraffe learning to walk, but that didn’t matter to me, I was growing into a “big girl”.

Skip ahead 25 years, and I witnessed my baby girl doing just what I had done at her age. Oh, but she does things bigger than me. She had to have the make up, the pearl necklace, the fancy barrettes,  and of course, the heels. There was a time that the only criteria for dresses she chose was how well they “twirled”. She liked to twirl and see the skirt of her dress fan out as big as possible.

As my kids have grown older and they hit crazy growing spurts where you cannot seem to keep them clothed with things that fit, I found myself buying things just a little big in an effort to make them last longer. Shoes being the hardest to keep them in. How does a foot literally grow over night?

In my prayer time with God this morning, I was reminded of all the times He has given me things that were “just a little too big”.

Dreams that seemed too big.

Plans that seemed too big.

Opportunities that seemed too big.

There have been times I have been faced with opportunities, and I think, I am not capable of this. God, not to be disrespectful, but you have chosen the wrong person for this job. There are others that are so much better suited for this. There are others so much more qualified for this. There are others that would down right be better than me at this.

My arguments have never changed His mind, not even once. Even with witty words, and valid arguing points, I have never convinced Him other wise. God has never said, you know what….you’re right….I think I’ll talk to someone else about this….thanks anyway! NEVER EVER has that happened.

It’s as if God provides us with opportunity that is a “little too big” to allow us room to grow into what He knows we already are. So meanwhile, if you seem to be tripping and falling, maybe even walking into these new opportunities like a newborn baby giraffe, just know that you are  “practicing your walk” and one day that shoe will fit. One day, we will find ourselves going from dress up, to growing over night, to confidently fulfilling our place.

I want to encourage you to take the risk, step out in faith, and never let fears of not being “big” enough hold you back. It’s a process. We are all on a journey. We should all  promise to hold one another’s hand while we are trying to get our footing. May we all always walk in shoes that are too big, and all always have the room and opportunity to grow.

Here’s to becoming all that He has made us to be!!

Rachel Ray