Three Stages of asking, “Who Am I”? In studying the life of Moses, we see many times where Moses ask “who am I” and all were for different reasons.

As you already know, Moses was born as a Hebrew in a time that all Hebrew male children were being murdered. His mother, in a desperate act to at least give her son a chance at life, placed him in a basket and in the river. The Pharaoh’s (the king’s) daughter sees him, rescues him, and eventually hires his own mother to nurse him. What an amazing story! He was born  Hebrew and raised, at least partially, by his own Hebrew mother. You cannot tell me she didn’t whisper to him, while rocking him to sleep, sharing with him his real heritage. However, he was raised in Pharaoh’s palace. He may have looked Hebrew, but he walked, talked, and carried himself like an Egyptian. Insert “Walk like an Egyptian” song here! 🙂

“Who Am I”? A question of identity.  Where do I belong? You know he had to have these thoughts. He has to think, I don’t fit in with the Egyptians because I was born to a Hebrew family, and I don’t fit in with the Hebrew because I was raised to think and act like an Egyptian.

Ever been in a place where you didn’t belong to any one group, always an outsider, never quite fitting in? I certainly have and it doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzies. It does, however, show that you are called to be set apart for a purpose.

Years pass and Moses is going about his daily routine. He happens up on an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave. Moses intervenes and  steps in to rescue the Hebrew slave and in the process he kills they Egyptian man, which was in sorts one of his own. He is scared and ashamed, flees the country and plans to never return. We find him out in the wilderness where he has an encounter with the famous burning bush. God speaks to him and tells him to go back and deliver the Hebrews.

“Who Am I” again comes into play. This time it is not a question of identity, but of capability. Who am I to go against the Egyptians? Who am I to set the Hebrew free? Who am I to carry out this task? Pretty sure you have the wrong guy here. We see many times in scriptures when Moses is asking “Who am I” to do this. He makes excuses such as they won’t listen to me, I don’t have eloquent words, who will I even say has sent me?

Moses did not feel worthy or capable to fill this role. This is another point I could relate to. There have been more times than not that I haven’t felt up to the task, capable to complete something well or at all for that matter. I have felt small, ineffective, and even unworthy. I am sure as a fellow human, you have felt these same emotions at some point along the way. God never asked  Moses for a resume, never asked for work references, never had to facebook stalk him to see what his personality and character was like. God had been laying the ground work literally Moses’s entire life to bring him to the place to deliver His people. What better person was there for the job? Moses knew both the Hebrew and the Egyptians history, characteristics, and ways of thinking. You and I are no different. God really doesn’t care about our reasons why we can’t, when He had a plan in mind before we even graced this Earth with our presence.

When we question our worthiness, it may sound like we are being humble, but the truth is we are simply being stubborn and even selfish.

“Who Am I..not” There comes a point when we choose to set out into what we are called to do, not out of arrogance or for desire to be in the spotlight, but for the right reasons. To help. To Grow. To become more. Who am I not to do what I’m called to do? Who am I not to help others along the way? I have been given so much, who am I not to give back.

Who was Moses NOT to lead the people out of slavery? His feelings of being unworthy could have kept an entire nation captive. I understand fighting our own insecurities is difficult, but it is not just for our own benefit. Who are we to keep our callings, giftings, talents for our own use only. We are a body, we need one another. I need what you have to offer and you need what I have to offer. We all work together in this.

Who are you not to lend a helping hand to someone in need?

Who are you not to open that company and afford others a platform to start their career?

Who are you not to write that book that will help guide, encourage, or simply make some one laugh?

Who are you not so share that song that you’ve had scratched on a piece of paper for years now that can minister to someone’s heart?

Who are you not to share that idea that could increase productivity, or in general boost morale?

Who are you not to teach, lead, or share for the benefit of someone else?

Who are you not to use your talents, giftings, and callings for the betterment of others?

As we move through the process of questioning our identity to finding our cause and wrestling with feeling unworthy to attempt it, I pray we come to understanding it’s not all about us. It’s not about the spotlight. It’s not about leading for leading’s sake. It’s not about holding a title to feed our ego. It’s about getting into position to be effective to those around you. It’s about having more resources at our disposal to implement helpful tactics to empower others. It’s about creating a platform for you to serve others with what you have been given. It is not a humble to shrink back and not serve others with your gifts, it’s actually down right selfish. It is honorable to serve.

Who are we not to…

-Rachel Ray