In a time that I feel tossed by the waves, I know you are the Rock that can never be shaken.

In a time where all that was normal yesterday has been flipped upside down, I know that you are constant and never changing.

In a time when leaders scramble to find answers, I know that you are the fountainhead of all wisdom and knowledge.

In a time that uncertainty is the only thing that is certain, I know that you remain the same.

In a time when what I depended on has fallen away, I know that you will never forsake me.

In a time when fear seems to be lurking around every corner, I know that you can rekindle my faith.

In a time of shortage, I know you will always provide.

In a time when my whole schedule have been rearranged and it feels chaotic, I know that you can still bring me peace.

In a time that I am scared, I know you will protect me.

In a time where families are gather together, I know you are in the midst of them.

In a time when I cannot know what the future holds, I know that you have plans to prosper me.

In a time that I feel exposed, I know that you cover me.

In a time that I am quiet and draw near to you, I know that you, in turn, will draw near to me.

In a time that the foundation we have built on seem to shake, I know that you are the Rock that steadies my foot.

In a time that distance is the new normal, I know that you stick closer than a brother.

In a time where neighbors are lending each other a hand, I know that you are smiling down on them.

In a time that people risk their lives to save others, I know that you hold them in your hands.

In a time where acts of kindness are replacing our usual fast-paced hustle and bustle, I know that you can bring good out of any situation.

In a time that a virus can be spread globally in what seems to be an instant, I know that your love, your grace, and your mercy move at a faster pace.