I want you to imagine your favorite food. Is is savory? Creamy? Crunchy? Sweet? Don’t you just love how it taste? Do you find yourself craving it from time to time? Are you like me and no matter what other options are served, I always pick the same thing because it is so good, I want it over and over.

Now, let’s assume your favorite food is a healthy choice ( I know that is a stretch, just bare with me..). How do you feel after consuming it? Strong? Content? Satisfied? Energetic? Think on that for a minute..

Are you ever surprised that hours later, or even the next day you are hungry again? Does it catch you off guard that your belly begins to growl once it’s empty? Of course you are not. We know how the body works and food does not stay in our systems for days on end. We continually have to feed our bodies. I can give it the best of the best in nutrition, and it will still ask for food over and over again. This is just simply how our bodies work.

Take this concept into our spiritual lives.  We spend time in prayer, in the Scriptures, and in meditation. Afterwards, we feel content, satisfied, strong, even energetic – hopeful and optimistic. However, after some time passes, we tend to fall back into fear or worry or wondering what is come. We begin imagining the future and what it may or may not hold for us. We are uncertain, and our thoughts can run like wild fire.

Why is it that in times like this, we question if our faith is strong, or if we really are a believer? Why to we automatically think that if we have thoughts of fear, our faith is not working? We feel tossed between feeling strong and feeling helpless. Maybe, just maybe it is not a question of if our faith is strong, maybe our faith is just hungry again. Maybe we just need to be fed again.  Maybe it is not a question of if we believe, maybe it is that we need to be refueled with Scripture, prayer, and meditation once again.

So in uncertain times like we are currently in, don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap where you are tossed between strength and weakness, between feeling full of faith and feeling full of fear. Don’t spend energy on wondering if your faith is enough.  It has nothing to do with how spiritual you are or how great your faith is. It has everything to do with simply being hungry again.

#fuelyourfaith   #dailymeditation

-Rachel Ray