When quarantine is over….

May we never take for granted the unity we feel singing a worship songs with our church families.

May we never take for granted the simple act of having a date night out with our spouses.

May we never take for granted the ability to sit on the sidelines and watch our children participate in their favorite sport.

May we enjoy every time we are to be able to purchase a movie ticket and popcorn with extra butter.

We will go back to making plans without even a second thought, but may we realize just how much of a privilege that is.

We will be going to shop at our favorite little shops that carry our favorite things, and feel good knowing we are supporting small, local business.

We will line up for a table at the restaurants we love, eating the food we enjoy, and being served by skilled staff that we probably know by name. We will tip more than normal because we have realized how much we don’t like cooking for ourselves.

We will make sure to show love, respect, and shower with gifts, every teacher our children  may have. They deserve triple whatever it is that they make and are true saints that help mold our children for the future.

Let us never take for granted the times we get to gather together, the times we celebrate together, and the times we come together in support.

We will continue to pray  for the health care workers that not only put their patients first during the pandemic, they put their patients first every single day.

We will be so happy to be able to get dressed up and have a night out with friends, and laugh until our faces hurt and know that times like this is good for our souls.

May we never take for granted the grocery store workers that do their jobs so well, it honestly catches us off guard if they are out of an item. We will appreciate every shelf  being completely full.

May we remember how sweet it is to live life at a little slower pace.

May we continue to stop for snuggles from our kiddos, stop for real quality time with those we love most, and stop just to rest.

Let us remember the world won’t stop turning just because we are not going at full speed ahead.

Let us not take for granted the customers that patron our businesses,  and be happy to step up to serve them over and above.

May we cherish the times we spend alone with God.  Knowing that afterwards, we come out refreshed, our strength renewed, and ready to face another day.

We will be happy to be able to meet and greet with handshakes and hugs, and remember a time that it was not possible to do so.

May we all continue to look after our neighbors, the elderly, and those around us that we can reach out to and make life a little better for them.

I pray we still look for ways daily to do acts of kindness, show grace, show love, and make this world truly a better place.

May we realize just how great of a country we are in and let patriotism rise in us again.

We will get back to work with full steam ahead, we will rebuild, and get to feel the rush of knowing that we come out fighting when we are backed against the wall. We will win again.

We will keep some of the creative changes we have made to be able to carry out our jobs, and that will make our jobs easier/better/faster for our clients.

We will be honored for the right and the ability to work for our families and provide for all their needs.

We will swell with pride know that we as a country pull together for the common good and we are great at thinking outside the box to solve problems.

When quarantine is over, we will come out stronger, more united, more thoughtful, back grounded to what is really necessary for a happy life, and with a whole new perspective on just about everything.

Romans 8:28 

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Good can come out of everything!