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We’ve All Been There

We’ve all been there….

We’ve all spilled BBQ sauce on our white shirts.

We’ve all ran through a red light we know we should have stopped at.

We’ve all walked into a room and have no idea what we came in there for.

We’ve all fell in public, all sprawled out on the floor hoping to hold on to one shred of dignity. Here’s to hoping your fall was at least near a wet floor sign so you have a legit excuse.

We’ve all laughed so hard we snorted and that, in turn, made us laugh even harder.

We’ve all had very good intentions of being productive for the day, and stayed all day in the bed.

We’ve all tripped or our feet slipped and, although we may have not fallen all the way to the floor, we did however pull off some sort of karate/dance moves with flailing arms to be able to keep balance. It was the very definition of smooth.

We’ve all made up bogus plans that we just can’t get out of in an effort to avoid some sort of obligation we just didn’t want to go to.

We’ve all called in sick when we really just wanted a day to play, but we made sure to use our low scruffy voice to make sure we sounded convincing.

We’ve all walked around with a piece of food in our teeth, walking so confidently, but certainly not looking that way.

We’ve all had some sort of wardrobe malfunction at some point; a conspicuous hole that everyone can see but us, ripped seams in delicate places, or my favorite…your skirt tucked in your under ware or your ‘skirt-tail tucked in your britches’, as my Grandma would say.

We’ve all made promises we didn’t keep.

We’ve all looked for our keys, or phone, or glasses and they were conveniently located in our hands.

We’ve all tried to show out or impress someone and failed miserable in doing so.

We’ve all tried that trendy new haircut that wasn’t for us and we learned it’s not so bad to stick to the classic styles.

We’ve all laughed uncontrollably in very inappropriate situations.

We’ve all wanted to pull the words we just said back in our mouths at the very moment we said them.

We’ve all had our head at work while our bodies were at home, and our minds at home when our bodies were at work.

We’ve all half heartedly set goals that we didn’t really strive to achieve.

We’ve all said something ridiculous, like asking the lady just how far along she is, and as it turns out, she wasn’t even pregnant.

We’ve all  made terrible fashion statements that we thought were on point at the time, turns out we were wrong…, so very wrong.

We’ve all thrown our dirty clothes on the floor and left them there for days.

We’ve all promised ourselves we are going to eat healthier and are digging into our favorite chocolate cake before the sun sets.

We’ve all been lazy.

We’ve all tried on two different shoes with our outfit to see which ones looks better and forget to follow through with that decision and end up sporting two different shoes to work. Ok, maybe that one is just me.

We’ve all cooked a meal that wasn’t eatable.

We’ve all lost things.

We’ve all forgot the load of laundry in the washer and had to rewash it to get the mildew smell out.

We’ve all forgot an appointment or a meeting or to call someone back.

We’ve all tried something new that didn’t work.

We’ve all went against our mother’s advice, when we knew all along she was right.

We’ve all lied…to someone….at some point….about something.

We’ve all talked dyslexic at times and called the “tea pitcher” the “pea ticher” or (my favorite) the “squirrel feeder” the “ferrel squeeder”….Ok, again, maybe this one is just me.

Point is we are idiots from time to time. Glorious, failing idiots.

We are human, therefore, we are not perfect. But somewhere in the midst of making mistakes, accomplishing epic fails, and being a screw up…we sometimes get it right. We love, we share, we give to those in need, we lend a helping hand, we show compassion, we open our hearts, we hug, we smile, we care for a child, we give a listening ear, we buy lunch for a friend, we meet the deadline, we burn a few hundred calories, we work hard, we encourage, we strive, we dream, we achieve, we stretch ourselves, we motivate someone, we make someone believe in themselves, we help out a good cause, we get somewhere on time, we laugh and giggle and snort, we provide, we protect, we keep going, we don’t give up, we pray, we take help when we need it, we show grace, we give to a stranger, we are friendly and considerate, we give a compliment, we tell someone how much they mean to us, we have a shoulder to cry on, we learn, we grow, we change for the better, we hold one to courage instead of fear, we put forth effort, we keep our word, we take that chance, we take the advise, we believe, we hope, we strive, and we hope against hope we will end up where we want or should to be.

We are more than our mistakes. Scripture says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We not only are here to check off a to-do list, but we have a purpose to fulfill, lives in impact, and dreams to chase in spite of our imperfections.  Know that you are not alone in your mistakes, it is what makes you human. It’s a pretty cool club to be in, there are only about seven billion of us.

We’ve all been there and I have no doubts that we will all strive to fulfill our purpose.



Dang you Mr. Theodore….

I ran across this quote by our former President sometime ago and well, it has single handedly taken away my excuses for just about everything.


When I consider the quote “do what you can, with what you have, where you are” I immediately see opportunities to do more in just about any area.

But I like my excuses sometimes. I like to say I’m too tired when the truth is I’m too lazy. I like to hold onto my excuses like a warm snuggly blanket that comforts me. It’s nice sometime when I need a break. Sometimes I like to not be actively involved in the world and hid away in my little corner. And that is OK…

But the truth is I don’t need excuses or a break everyday. Some days I really am tired, but most days I could push myself just a little further in whatever area it is. Ole Theodore has made sure of that with his 3 lined quote. Maybe I could just show a little more compassion or kindness as I am going about my day.  Maybe be nice to the cashier who seems to have a bad attitude when what I don’t know, is every customer she has help has been over the top rude to her and maybe she’s just a little defensive and fed up. Maybe I could run just one more lap than I did yesterday and prove to myself just how strong my body really is.  Maybe I could enroll in that class I’ve been considering. Maybe I could “practice what I preach” to my children and be an example and not just a dictator. Maybe I could use patience when I am trying to teaching  my kids something instead of getting frustrated when they don’t get it right on the first few tries. Maybe I could buy breakfast for the person in line behind me at McDonalds. Maybe I could just make sure my face has a smile and not a scowl. Maybe I could make sure my widowed elderly neighbor is not in need of anything….especially some company. Maybe I could be the type person that people enjoy to run into at the supermarket and not one where they want to duck their heads and hurriedly try to make it to the next aisle without making eye contact. Maybe I could just be a good friend and listen to their problems or situations half as much as they have listened to mine. Maybe I could show the one that has my heart, that I do indeed love them every single day. Maybe I could not get so caught up in the few little pesky things in my life I wish would change, but I could be thankful for the tremendous, countless blessings I’m given on a daily basis. Maybe I could show love, understanding, grace, comfort, and mercy to others as I feel that God has so freely shown to me. Maybe I could realize that someone I talk to today may be going through a really hard time in their life and they probably don’t need my attitude, rudeness, or short words to add to their bad day. Maybe I could take note of that mom in the store with her small baby, bags under her eyes from spending the night in a rocking chair comforting her baby, just trying to get at least a few things on the list before it is time to get feed the baby again,  and maybe I could just put my hand on her shoulder as I pass by and say, “Mom, you are doing a great job”. Maybe I could open my front door, my fridge full of take out left overs and my momma’s cooking, my conversation, and my heart to anyone that happens to stop by.  Maybe I could even let my friend know that there is a boogie hanging out of her nose so that she don’t have to go around all day wondering why people are staring…

That’s a lot of maybes. But just maybe I could take the time to “do what I can” today and  it would not only make a difference in someone else’s day, but maybe I could sleep better tonight knowing I was a good, kind, generous, caring, compassionate, encouraging, or a strong person today.

Most of the time it is not one major decision that shapes our lives, but our small, daily decisions that makes us how we are. And let’s face it, when you can say “I did all I could do” then it puts you in a position to be able to accept the outcome (good, bad, or ugly). It is only when we know we have held back and not given our all, for whatever reason, that we are faced with grief and regret.

Now, GO…

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. No excuses!



May this be the year…

May this be the year you have love that not only make you comfortable but also pushes you to realize your potential.

May this be the year that brings you closer to where you want to be, and when you get there, you push yourself a little further.

May this be the year you set and reach your goals.

May this be the year you learn to be even more compassionate and aware of the problems you can solve.

May this be the year you let go of what you cannot control.

May this be the year you focus on what is good, and perfect, and the blessings in your life.

May this be the year you count your blessings and are truly grateful for the people, things, and experiences this life has given you.

May this be the year you are brave enough to step out and believe in your dreams.

May this be the year you realize that you are not alone.

May this be the year that shows you that no one is perfect, we all have room for growth, and we have all made some pretty horrible mistakes.

May this be the year that teaches you a truly happy life is the life that gets lost in the service of others.

May this be the year that proves to you, you are worth investing in.

May this be the year you are set in places and positions you have dreamed about and strived for.

May this be the year that you are kind, not only to others, but to yourself.

May this be YOUR YEAR …

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